About Us

📖 Backstory

In November 2020, 2 years after Fred started flying out of Headcorn Aerodrome in the UK, he realised that, although the time spent on the airfield felt like there was a close community, he missed out on the days that he couldn’t be there. Being an avid cyclist, he was familiar with the fantastic community engagement experienced by millions on the sports tracking social network app Strava. Thus, the idea for AviNet was born.

Several months were spent on a prototype, but due to other commitments and a lack of time, nothing further was done. Over the next few years, the idea kept coming up in conversation, feeling more and more pressing. It was only when ChatGPT rose to fame in early 2023 that Fred saw the opportunity. A rainy April Saturday morning was spent building a prototype. Sharing this prototype with his close friend Josh created enough excitement to encourage them to make this project a reality together.

🚀 Mission

AviNet is dedicated to fostering a vibrant and inclusive aviation community by providing a dynamic social networking mobile application. Our platform empowers pilots, enthusiasts, and professionals alike to connect, collaborate, and share experiences through shared flight tracks, captivating photos, and insightful statistics. With a strong pipeline of improvements, such as home airfield communities, proximity based pilot search and geotagged photos, we will continue to dedicate ourselves to empowering our users to make real and deep connections with the people that matter. Our mission is to drive positive change through collaboration, knowledge sharing, and camaraderie.

🛩️ Vision

AviNet envisions a future where every aviation enthusiast, regardless of location, has access to a vibrant and supportive local aviation community. Through our innovative social networking platform, we aim to empower pilots, enthusiasts, and professionals to connect with like-minded individuals in their area, fostering genuine relationships, knowledge sharing, and collaboration. Our vision is to become the go-to platform for discovering and engaging with local aviation communities worldwide, enabling our users to cultivate meaningful connections, explore shared interests, and unlock new opportunities for growth and development within their own backyard. By facilitating the formation and discovery of local aviation hubs, we aspire to enrich the flying experience and strengthen the fabric of the aviation community on a grassroots level.

🎯 2024 Goals