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Craft your own aviation community with the AviNet app. Effortlessly share your flight tracks and photos, explore fellow pilots' journeys, and build real connections within the flying community. Shape your unique flying experience with us!

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Easily share your flights and photos with fellow pilots, friends and family. Keep you and your community updated on your activities with a flight track map, photos, speed and elevation charts, aircraft registration, weather information and more. Stay connected and make your flights come alive with AviNet. You can upload in-app or from our AviNet Web Uploader.

We officially integrate with OnFlight Hub data logger from Bolder Flight Systems to allow .onflight binary file uploads. We also support .kml, .gpx, and .igc file format uploads so you can easily integrate with your moving map applications such as SkyDemon and ForeFlight.


Explore uncharted skies by following fellow pilots on AviNet. Discover a wealth of flight routes they've conquered, guiding you to exciting destinations for your next airborne adventure.


Keep in touch with fellow pilots as they share their exhilarating flights, and engage with them by liking and commenting on their adventures. Who knows, you might even find yourself joining them on their next one! Connect, interact, and be a part of your vibrant aviation community with AviNet.

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